Travel Like A Local In Cancun

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Before you even start reading our city guide, there is one thing you must know before going to Cancun... How to dance Salsa! 

Just kidding, no pressure! First advice is to listen to the playlist below whilst reading the top things to do like a local in Cancun. Then after that I'm sure you'll surprise yourself dancing in front of your mirror or watching some youtube tutorials on how to dance Salsa. No judging here, just Olé!

WHAT Mexican food to try?

Any sort of Tacos for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because you will barely see a menu in english if you are dowtown, here is what you need to know:
- Veina Spicy chile
- Pollo Chicken
- Res Beef
- Cochinita pibil Marinated porc
The best tacos are the ones you eat from the street or in friends' houses!
Don't even try the ones in the Hotel Zone, they won't taste any good. Eating these tacos in the street may not be the healthiest (depending on what you order) that's why it's called "comida chatarra" aka junk food. Up to you to order Chicken Tacos or Guacamole Nachos etc..totally healthy!
As a variant of tacos or toasted tacos, try the quesadillas (tortillas with ham and cheese).
Seafood is a must if you go for a restaurant by the sea. They are called 'Mariscos' and you have all sorts. Lobster, gambas, oysters, catch of the day etc. Try the 'Ceviche' of fish or pr