The 48-Hours Guide to Lisbon

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You've just planned a weekend away to Lisbon and wonder if that's enough time to visit the city. Yes plenty! Here are some tips to cover everything in 2 full days.


Looking for a private room with great breakfast, comfy bed, perfect location and delicious breakfast? YES! That's what it's called; Yes Hostel Lisbon . They welcome you with a cherry shot and are super flexible with hours of check out as well as very friendly 24/7.


Plan your day walking up and down the hills from one viewpoint to another. Start at Praça do Comércio and 25 de abril Bridge and follow the tourists up to Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte, Santa Luzia, Portas do Sol and de Graça. Plenty of stops where you can see the tram going down, as well as groups of tourists following their guide. The tram is very authentic and still working. Take it to go to Belem and eat some delicious pastries. The famous "custard tart" just warm enough to stay crispy in your mouth at first bite.


After a long walk around the city and some coffee tasting in the narrow streets, it's time for a well-deserved lunch in terrasses. Stop by Parreirinha de Alfama and ask the waiter for the best seafood on the menu. We had the catch of the day and its vegetables with house white wine and olives. Couldn't have been happier! Lisbon has lots of touristy and pricy places so I would recommend looking up the menu before sitting down! Day 2, if you venture to LX Factory, stop by A Praça in LX Factory (the East London version of Lisbon...#hispter) and order the Octopus carpaccio with a Sangria. Mamaaaamia you will not regret it!


No need to look up for one bar in particular, just head towards Bairro Altoyou'll be just fine. The entire Lisbon gathers every night in this area and you will find plenty of bars and restaurants. We went from one bar to another meeting people from around the world. Our best memory was a random bar serving Tequila Shots in crystal glasses for 1€...don't mind if I do!

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Dedicate your Sunday to the markets starting with Feira da Ladra (huuuuuge) and LX Factory Sunday Market (hip and trendy!) I got the best pair of shoes and sunglasses from both markets so I definitely recommend these two...Very cheap on top of it!

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Enjoy your weekend escape!

Marion Payen
, Founder of Hibiscus & Nomada

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