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Planning, Researching, Booking…Today, these words do not belong to your reality, especially when it comes to traveling.

Because where is the beauty in one trip if you can picture it before you’ve even jumped on a plane?

You’re not a tourist, you’re an explorer. The unknown, the adventure attracts you more than anything.

To pick a destination, you don’t waste time and money on pages and pages of guides, you’re after straight-forward information, that’s all you need. And this, you can find it on Hibiscus & Nomada.

A group of explorers, as tenacious as treasure hunters with one and only goal: finding the rare pearl and share it with you.

In other words, getting off the beaten tracks and make you discover the unexplored even the unexpected, breathtaking unique places that no one has yet talked about.

Hibiscus & Nomada are stories of adventures proving that the riches of the world are within everyone’s reach.
Stop Traveling, Start Exploring

Marion Payen 

Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Santorini, Greece

Growing up between France, Canada, Mexico and USA, Marion has travelled the world since the age of 4 before ending up in London in 2014 for work.  Travelling was in her blood.  Catching Friday night flights to Europe or elsewhere, sometimes being back in time for work Monday morning. She started to create a website for young backpackers looking for straight-forward tips on what to do, where to go and where to stay on a limited time and budget.

Travel Philosophy: "Travel far enough, you meet yourself" David Mitchell

Next Trip: Croatia

Linkedin: @Marionpayen

Axel Hurstel


Kapadokya Göreme, Turkey
Axel is passionate about architecture, finding inspiration in many European cities, Roma, Paris and Porto to name a few.  Ask him to redesign your house, he will make miracles! When he is not touring around on his motorbike, Axel spontaneously travels to unchartered cities, finding its' hidden gem. His camera is always attached to him, as he captures the most beautiful moments. He has a great eye for detail, as he finds the perfect shot. Axel was also a bartender at a younger age, so if you want to challenge him with any cocktail recipe he is the man!

Travel Philosophy: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes your richer

Next Stop: Eastern Europe

Instagram: @Axel_hst

Pauline Durepaire

Contributing Travel Editor & Photographer

Machu Picchu, Peru
Pauline got the love for travel when she was young, going on holidays abroad with her family. This taste for discovering new countries grew as she got older; studying and working in different continents. Pauline is passionate about wild landscapes, meeting local people and experiencing every specialty food in the world. Currently she is backpacking through South-East Asia.

Travel Philosophy: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Donald Walsh

Next Stop: Mongolia

Instagram: @Paulineemmy

Julian Payen

Contributing Travel Editor & Photographer

Trinidad, Cuba
If you ask Julian about any capital in the world, he can tell you all about it. Yes, even Delap-Uliga-Djarrit, capital of the Marshall Islands. Julian has grown up with one motto, visit every country in the world. Even creating his own country when he was younger, called Lacheba.  He is lucky enough to have a lot of holidays during the year which allows him to travel the world, sharing it with his peers. 

Travel Philosophy: Discover a country through a local lens

Next Stop: Switzerland

Facebook: @Julianpayen

Fabien Le Jeune


Bali, Indonesia
It's only a few years ago that Fabien, passionate photographer, got the travel bug. He started his discovery visiting all the European countries. Since then, he has been travelling every time a little further, looking for a new land where spectacular panoramas will leave him speechless. Not only does he want to discover new countries but also come and meet new people and especially new cultures. His hunger to learn about human kind, about life and about himself translate into beautiful articles he likes to write after coming back from a trip, sharing his experience with others.

Travel Philosophy:
Fraternity is learned by traveling 

Next stop: Croatia, Slovenia & Montenegro

Website: fabienlej.com
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